Which of Donald Trump’s assets will you find most entertaining to seize?


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The Above the Law bracket continues after a weekend of thrilling basketball.

We’ve revealed the Golf Course Region Then, there is the Hotel/Estate region already. We’ll now look at properties with a general purpose. This one is a mix of commercial real estate, condos and hotels.

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(1) Trump Tower v. (8) 610 Park

Trump Tower was Mar-a-Lago’s predecessor. Donald Trump refused to move in the White House for a short time. New Yorkers wanted to reroute their entire city He should be allowed to remain in his home 30,000 Square Foot — sorry, that was just for the lenders — 10,966 square foot Trump Tower suite. Trump Tower is still the most prominent property in his empire, even though he has more or less left the city. While seizing Trump Tower would irritate him, it is unlikely because of the Even the property itself is burdened by debt.

610 Park is a rare example of a historic property Trump purchased and did not cover with fake gold branding. Daniel is in the building, and it has two Michelin stars.

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(2) 40 Wall V. (7) Trump Palace

40 Wall is likely to be the most valuable of Trump’s assets. Former White House Press secretary Stephanie Grisham said:

“I think if it were to happen, 40 Wall Street is probably the one that he would … I mean, he would hate it,” Grisham told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Monday. “But I think if she tried to seize Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster or Trump Tower even — I mean, those are his babies.”

In a comically bad column for the New York Post titled “NY AG Letitia James seizing Trump’s 40 Wall Street would be a huge loss for the city — and our democracy,” Steve Cuozzo wrote:

If state Attorney General Letitia James seizes Donald Trump’s 40 Wall Street — his largest real estate asset by far — the worse damage would be to New York City…. Duane Reade, the largest store tenant with over 20,000 square feet, moved out last fall — a devastating blow to the dwindling rent roll. The once-proud tower today is worth perhaps $200 million, brokers say — less than half of its estimated value ten years ago.

You’re certainly not going insane. The article admits there has never been a property in NYC that has been run as badly as 40 Wall. However, it claims that Trump must keep running the property or NYC will collapse.

Sure, Jan.

Trump abandoned the “Tower theme” for Trump Palace. As described by the organization

Trump Palace, located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is 55 stories high and towers above one of Manhattan’s most elegant neighborhoods. Trump Palace, the tallest building in the Upper East Side offers spectacular views from its many balconies. Residents can relax and enjoy the adjacent garden park, which features a marble and mahogany lobby.

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(3) Trump Plaza v. (6) 555 California

Trump Plaza is another non-Tower, and the jewel of the organization in New Jersey. Trump Plaza is the place to go if you want the glitz, glamour and a lot of gel in your hair.

88 Morgan Street, also known as Trump Plaza Residences brings a luxurious lifestyle, unmatched service and superior amenities to the waterfront of downtown Jersey City. This 55 story building was originally a Trump brand property and opened to great success in 2008. The property is located two blocks away from the Hudson River waterfront and offers stunning views of Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty and the Statue of Liberty.

Donald Trump, the bleeding heart liberal, must be in love with this San Francisco outpost. Have you ever noticed that those who complain the loudest about New York or California being hostile to business, are also the ones who choose to make money in New York or California? Oh, hasn’t everyone noticed that? Good talk.

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(4) 1 Central Park (v.) (5) 1290 Avenue of the Americas

Technically, it’s also a Trump Tower. But that would be confusing. We’ll call it 1 Central Park.

One Central Park West, located at the corner of Central Park West & Central Park South in Columbus Circle, soars 52 floors above Columbus Circle and offers breathtaking views of Central Park & the city skyline. Philip Johnson, a prominent architect, transformed the former office building into a property that includes both residential condominiums as well as an award-winning restaurant, Mobil Five Star Jean-Georges.

Meanwhile, King & Spalding, Selendy Gay, and Linklaters all call 1290 Avenue of the Americas home.

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