UFC champ Jon Jones accused by drug testing agent of threatening to kill him


Police in New Mexico reported that UFC heavyweight Jon Jones was arrested on Saturday, based on allegations he assaulted a drug-testing agent and threatened to kill him.

Crystal Martinez, an employee of Drug Free Sport International (which is contracted by UFC) who collected urine samples, made a complaint. She said that she and her colleague went to Jones Albuquerque’s home at 4am on March 30th to collect the urine for a surprise test.

Jones’ manager and the UFC as well as Drug Free Sport International did not immediately reply to Saturday evening’s requests for comment.

Speaking in a posted statement His Instagram accountJones said that one of the sample collectors who was involved in the incident at the end of last month acted “unprofessionally.” He admitted to being frustrated, but said that the encounter “ended amicably and friendly.”

He said, “Nothing is threatening at any time.”

Martinez stated that Jones was not happy with the collection procedure and initially was unable to produce any urine. She suggested a blood test after Jones became unhappy.

The report stated that the suggestion, she said made him even more angry.

Martinez, in the report, claims that Jones threatened to sue both sample collectors. She said that she thought the fighter may have been drunk.

According to the report, Jones and Jerome Romero, a colleague who helped him collect the urine sample, walked away from the UFC with the risk of fines if the urine sample for a drug-test was not produced immediately. They returned with the sample.

The woman told the police that Jones at one point picked Martinez’s mobile phone up and began recording their interaction. Officer Miguel Andres Stanley wrote in his report that he had reviewed the video Martinez’s phone, which he believed was recorded by Jones.

The police report states that the mixed martial artist was heard saying “Here f —— Jerome’s girlfriend and me in my garage.”

Martinez claimed that the fighter touched her face and asked, “Why have you —— so early?” Do you know what people who come to visit my house end up doing? “They end up dying.”

The report said that she had asked for the phone to be returned but was unsuccessful. The woman said that she feared for the safety of herself and wanted to end this session, but was also afraid it would set Jones off because it would result in UFC fines.

Martinez claimed that she took advantage of the fact that Jones had left her phone on the table, and she retrieved it. Martinez told her boss what happened, according to the report.

Romero was pale and frightened when she returned from Jones’s to collect a sample, according to the report.

Romero reported that Romero said to officers, “Mr. Jones wasn’t very happy to see the officers there and at times his behavior was hostile.”

Martinez claimed that she had told her superiors that she wanted to press charges against the fighter. However, she said that her supervisor discouraged this and suggested she wait until the UFC responded.

According to the police report, Jones called Martinez a lie, claimed he had never threatened her, or her coworker. He also said that he thought she was upset because of the offensive language he had used in his garage when they were trying to collect urine.

Jones was interviewed by phone on Saturday, it said.

The report states that he also expressed his dismay at Romero and admitted that he had threatened to sue him because he brought his partner with him and made her wait outside the vehicle. He believed this was in violation of federal patient privacy laws.

Jones claimed he never said that people could die if they arrived at his house too early. However, police recalled what he said to Martinez: “Tell all at headquarters not send people to my house so early because it can be a dangerous atmosphere.”

Jones told police that he apologized to Martinez for any profanity. He also noted in the report that he had given Martinez a high five. Jones posted on Instagram that he and Martinez exchanged a hug and a high-five.

Jones was issued with a summons for court due to allegations of assaulting and interfering communications. The summons was also his arrest and it does not appear that Jones was arrested or booked.

Jones hasn’t been in trouble before.

In 2015 he was He was stripped of the light heavyweight title After his arrest for a hit-and run crash that injured a woman who was pregnant. In 2021, he was arrested in Las Vegas on a domestic battery charge for allegedly grabbing his fiancée by her hair. As part of the plea agreement in this case, he Plead guilty To a misdemeanor damage to property charge for damaging a vehicle of the police during his arrest.

Jones was also suspended for doping. In 2018, he was suspended. Handed a suspension of 15 months His second violation of UFC anti-doping policies.

He became UFC Heavyweight Champion in March 2023. He has a record that includes 27 wins, zero losses, zero draws, and one no contest.

UFC announced in late December that Drug Free Sport International will conduct “no notice sample collections” to test its athletes’ drug use under a new antidoping policy which began on Dec. 31.

In a statement issued at the time, Drug Free Sport International was described as a “global leader in the antidoping industry”. It also collected samples for Major League Baseball and other sports such as the NFL, NASCAR NASCAR, PGA, NCAA, etc.


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