JoJo Siwa’s Shockfest New Single ‘Karma’: Bop or Flop


Her kink is karma.
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JoJo Siwa She’s here and she’s ready for you to be shocked. Are you shocked? What about now? How about now? The singer released her new single “Karma” (April 5) and the music video shows her dressed in Kiss cosplay and getting close to two women. She also does dry-humping and falls in the water. She’s the bad girl, and we mean “low-quality.” Siwa is gaining a lot attention for her music video, which is trending on YouTube. She’s also forced into the pop-girl conversation. Let’s give her exactly what she wants. Rebecca Alter and Jason P. Frank discuss “Karma”, this rebranding and why we can’t help but watch it even when it’s not working. Is it a failure or a failure?

Rebecca Alter: Jason, you’re the emissary representing Gen Z in this Google Doc. Do you claim that? Please tell me the truth.

Jason P. Frank JoJo is a bad girl who has no problem embracing it. She does so without a trace of dirt on any of her costumes. Siwa is the bright and effervescent Siwa Dance Moms The star who was the world’s most popular girl among 6-year-olds is Feeding up It is not easy to be perceived as a sexless baby clown. She’s wearing Kiss makeup, humping the girls, and singing pop music. Is this punching down?

RA: What you are saying is that she’s tired. She’s trying to rebrand herself as a sexless adult clown who fucks badly.

JPF: Objectively, yes.

RA: She’s one of the few child pop stars to reinvent herself in a bad girl image. It is not a good idea to use You can also find out more about the girl you are dating.. Because oh brother, that stinks! To answer your question, it’s not punching down in order to make fun of that. Siwa is an empire. Cardi B Can’t afford to book She gave it to her daughter for her birthday. She has her very own branded clothing. Lunchables The following are some examples of how to get started: Asbestos-laced makeup! She then went on to manage a girl group for kids called XOMG POP. With all of the care and sensitivity that Larry Plumb.

XOMG pop! But XOMG Pop! Dateline Another day’s episode We’re here to talk about “Karma,” her new single, and the music video for it. We’ll do like JoJo and the music video at the 1:21 minute mark. Flop in. This song … It’s no good, Jason.

JPF: Certainly! A thumping beat that is not inspired. faux-edgy lyrics (“She said ‘bitch’!”) The performance was as fervent as the elementary school students who were her fans.

RA: It’s funny that in the chorus she keeps saying “bitch” but in a way which quotes a familiar expression. Then she immediately says “effed about,” which is so Christian of her.

JPF: The central problem is that it’s so transparently that — a recalculation of a Brand Names. It’s hard to believe that she or anyone on her team had a real artistic inspiration. In interviews, she’s made reference to other “good girl gone bad” moments from pop — Britney, Miley, etc. — but when all you’re doing is regurgitating other people’s efforts, you end up with a facsimile of a changed image. What does this remind you of, Rebecca? Sugar and Spice Drag Race — one is sweet (wears pink), the other’s scary (wears black), but ultimately, they’re still in the same outfit.

RA: Sugar and Spice was inspired by Bratz dolls. I found myself thinking about this video a lot. JoJo Siwa is an American Girl Doll with a face.

The way she still adheres to the tight slicked back hair (now in some kind of faux-hawk instead a pony) makes the head look like an egg! A bedazzled ovum! It’s not quite cherubic but more Schumeric. She has always had a bouba face with kiki energies, bringing to every situation a constant feeling of unease and conflict. It’s uncanny to see her humming in this video. She humps like she dances, and she dances like …

What would you name this? Are we being too cruel? I’m scared and my fight-or flight response is on!

JPF: We aren’t being mean but I worry that we’re giving credit to much. Were you uncomfortable with this? Does it warrant that? The music video is so aware of the reaction that it’s intended to provoke, I can’t do more than a simple eye roll. You wanted “good girl gone bad” and you went with … Kiss? The music does not even mention the band? If she wanted to surprise me, she would get messy. It’s her usual overly polished and heartless work. The humping may be embarrassing, but only because it is sexless. She treats it the same as any other dance move — a motion to be executed.

RA: Took the words right out of my mouth — I’m alarmed and disturbed because it’s physicality without sexuality or sensuality. I wouldn’t call it “robotic,” for fear of fembots. Famously sexy. I wouldn’t call it polished; just look at how the background dancers control the choreo, and not the way she hits each beat too hard. It’s a bit jagged, but also too much. You won’t find any of this in the music, regardless of whether it’s Alice Cooper or Kiss. The lyrics are amazing. Not sure which line I like the best, between “Like how a tree falls into the forest no one hears it,” or the part where she rhymes the word “boring” with the word “snoring.” What do you think of the song itself?

JPF: It’s funny that you made fun of her for rhyming ‘boring’ with snoring, because I was going to use both words to describe the tune.

RA: Hahaha, she sang “When I lay me down to sleep …” and you were like, “That’s me.”

JPF: I can’t imagine a funnier opening line than “I was a girl who did bad things.” It’s very blunt. I don’t like subtlety. But the song doesn’t talk about her doing bad stuff, it’s just her gesturing to “being” a “badgirl.”

RA: Well, I am confused on this point. The chorus begins, “Karma is a bitch. I should’ve know better / If i had a wish, i would’ve never effed about,” but the rest of the lyrics are about her girlfriend making her jealous with another girl? Even in her bad girl fantasy, she won’t Let yourself be the bad guys

I only mention this because it’s on the song’s Genius I have a new favorite song right now: “Cold blues eyes look back at you / the mirror doesn’t care / your guilt has become a symphony.” She’s a girl who says “My eyes look like a symphony.” So blue “When I cry”

JPF: Oh, I like Kenzie The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. Survivor This season. At least she has tattoos.

RA: No, exactly. 

JPF: Did you notice JoJo never kissed any of the girls in the video? They touch faces, they humps and she puts her tongue on the neck but she doesn’t kiss. For me, that is the song. There’s no sexuality in the film, despite its attempts to shock viewers with queer homosexuality.

RA: None! When she was phantom humping without physical contact or eye contact, I wanted yell at it like a Yorkiepoo. Jojo, please stop! Not on the carpet!

JPF: Are you offended? When I wrote the thing about queer sexuality above, it occurred to me that it was possible to be offended — a capitalist is using her sexless sexuality to scandalize the nation without actually committing to the bit, yada yada. But I can’t bring myself to care. It’s the type of art content, which, despite our 1,200-words on the topic, avoids actually thinking. It’s clear that she has achieved her goal of “getting the attention” (1.4m views in one morning) but is it really worth delving into this to make a political point?

RA: Now that you mention it, I’m sure you know what I mean. [*unfurls scroll that rolls across the entire room*]. Numerous pop stars have used gay shit to advance their careers. Siwa did something different at first when she came out. “best gay cousin ever”). It was her sexuality and her identity that didn’t take away from her rainbow and Unicorn merchandise lines. But she’s also been cringing every step of her journey.

Now she’s trying to incorporate it in some manufactured comeback that has shock value and is playing up her own identity. In a way, the sweatiness she feels when trying to reinvent herself is authentic to her. Loudly, and proudly, cringe.

JPF: The earthquake that just struck was the most shocking thing to happen in my life. Sorry, JoJo.

RA: Like being dry-humped by Mother Earth …


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