What’s next after Bronny James’ NBA draft and transfer announcement?


Bronny James The NBA Draft and the Transfer Portal were both on his agenda for the upcoming season.

In some ways, the announcement on Friday was expected, especially after LeBron said Tuesday that his son had “some tough choices to make and when he is ready to make these decisions, he will let us know.”

Arriving at USC Top-20 recruits and NBA Draft Picks in the First RoundInitially, James was to spend one year at college before joining his father and the NBA. This plan was thrown into disarray when James suffered a cardiac arrest during a July workout. He spent the next 4 months on the bench.

He was cleared to play only in late November. Then he was eased back into the Trojans’ rotation with a consistent and regular role. USC was plagued by injuries and did not make it to the NCAA tournament. James had averaging 4.8, 2.8, and 2.1 in 25 games.

After the season Andy Enfield left USC to join SMU What was it? Eric Musselman replaced by Eric Musselman on Thursday, who spent the previous five seasons in Arkansas.

What’s next for James and where could he end up, if he does not go to the NBA. — Jeff Borzello

How did we arrive here?

Myron Medcalf: It probably all started with Bronny’s high school recruitment. The bluebloods didn’t chase him, even though he was the child of one of the greatest NBA players in history. They were able to see the flaws in his game and the need for development at this level. Andy Enfield saw him as a basketballer, and valued his defensive ability, instincts on the court, and physical maturity. Enfield’s family respected his approach. Enfield thought that he would be able to contribute immediately.

His cardiac arrest in July has taken a toll on him. He was able be near his Los Angeles family by being at USC during this experience. The James family values loyalty, and Enfield was also there during the whole ordeal. Bronny decided to look at his options after Enfield left. He’s not your typical prospect. He’ll still be a NBA prospect despite his struggles in his freshman year because his father may join him. If he stays in school, he will be in the spotlight everywhere he goes. He’s had these options for a long time. He is just now choosing to consider these options, since Enfield has been vacated.

What are James’s transfer options?

Jeff Borzello: Dru, LeBron’s old high school teammate from St. Vincent-St. Mary (Ohio) and a longtime friend of his, was recently promoted to Duquesne’s head coach. Joyce had worked as an assistant for Keith Dambrot (LeBron’s high-school coach at St. Vincent-St. Mary in Ohio) for two years before Dambrot decided to retire after this season. LeBron regularly posted his support throughout Duquesne’s run to reach the NCAA tournament. He also announced Joyce’s promotion on X (formerly Twitter). Duquesne may not have had the glitz and glamour of USC or Los Angeles but it would let James get his college life back on track.

Other options include schools that recruited him prior to his commitment to USC. Oregon Dana Altman was involved in his recruitment and it is logical that he would have renewed interest. The Ducks’ strong Nike affiliation does not hurt them. Could Ohio State Would it be possible to make the switch again? James and LeBron made a campus visit to the Buckeyes in the fall 2022. LeBron is a big fan of the school. Chris Holtmann no longer coaches in Columbus. Jake Diebler worked with the Buckeyes when they recruited James. Diebler now leads the team.

Does this decision make any sense?



JWill on Bronny declaring himself for draft: He was just testing the water

Jay Williams explains that Bronny James declares for the NBA Draft to gauge his draft stock. (edited)

Medcalf: It makes sense. Even if you’re only entering to research, every player with an NBA goal should consider entering the NBA draft. Bronny can learn more about how league executives and scouts perceive his future by participating in these evaluations. It’s a very valuable process. His options may include a transfer to a different school, a place where perhaps he can grow. Bronny must improve in either case. He did not show any signs of a professional future as a freshman, at least not consistently. This is a new start. He has a year since his cardiac arrest. No matter what option he chooses, even returning to USC will give him a chance to start again. He can improve under a new USC administration. He can transfer into a school that will promote his development. Or he could take his chances by turning pro. It will be interesting which path he takes.

Borzello: It keeps James’s options open. He can enter NBA draft, go to another school or return to USC – although his statement did not make that last option appear too likely. James can test the NBA waters, get feedback from NBA teams and go through workouts. If going the professional route doesn’t pan out, it’s not uncommon for a typical freshmen to transfer if this happens. Many players choose to transfer after a coaching switch. James and his family have a poor relationship with Musselman’s staff. James can now focus on finding the right fit for his sophomore year. After a freshman season that barely got started, this is a crucial year for James. He can take his time to find the right situation.


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