The Seizure 16: Which of these Trump assets should be seized first?


Former President Donald Trump Attends Wake For Slain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller

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The appellate Division may have Trump’s bond was reduced to just $175 millionBut he hasn’t posted it as of this writing. Maybe he’d really do it Instead, the state would rather seize his property. Or maybe he is still unable to convince anyone to sign up to give him $175 millions and he is banking on the sale of copies. The quintessential document of public domain for only $60 You need to earn enough money to cover it.

We’ll determine which seizure will annoy Trump most, regardless of the bond.

The bracket was mostly chalk but we had a few surprises. Let’s take a look at the Seizure 16. Voting is open until Wednesday, April 3, at 9am Eastern.


(1) Bedminster v. (4) Palm Beach

Bedminister is through to the round of 16. Trump considers this one of his prime properties, and it could be a championship club without its owner Scaring away advertisers. Palm Beach is a great place to go if Trump is stuck in Florida.

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(2) Turnberry v. (3) Washington, DC

Turnberry is a legendary host of Open, but Washington, DC allows Trump to mingle and meet with sycophantic GOP lawmakers hoping to gain the ear of their boss. This may come down to what Trump hopes to accomplish after the case closes — does he want to collect championship money or continue cosplaying as president?

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(1) Trump Tower v. (4) 1 Central Park

Trump’s former residence holds a special place for him. Indeed, He values it approximately three times higher than he would. But 1 Central Park is a prominent landmark in the most famous urban greenspaces around the world. It’s a building that people will pass and notice the name Trump.

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(2) 40 Wall v. (3) Trump Plaza

Donald Trump’s initial reaction on 9/11 was to note that 40 Wall is now the tallest building of Lower Manhattan. Not “after” 9/11 mind you. He said that ON SEPTEMBER 11 2001.

“40 Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan,” Trump replied, “and it was actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest — and then, when they built the World Trade Center, it became known as the second tallest. Now it’s the tallest.”

New Jersey has a great view of Trump Plaza.

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(1) Mar-a-Lago, v.

Is home where you feel the most free, or where you feel the most at home? Mar-a-Lago’s victory was not a surprise. Trump has made Mar-a Lago his home since he left New York in favor of a more sycophantic group. Trump Bali was a shock, but I suspect that the fact that Indonesia does not have a formal extradition agreement with the US may have made voters more inclined to vote for him.

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(2) Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago v.  (3) Trump Hotel Vegas

The Trump name can be found all over, but the place where I think it is most prominently displayed is in downtown Chicago. The placement of the building makes it dominate the area. The Trump Hotel Vegas is a non-gaming establishment in case you’ve decided to visit the desert for… whatever else they do there.

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(1) Truth Social v. (4) Sam Alito

Truth Social went from a 1 seed to a super 1 seed this week when it hit the markets. Value of the stock has risen to $9 billion. It’s Trump’s biggest asset for the moment. It’s a meme stock, driven by Trump supporters who are desperate to own a share of a business that has losses in the tens or hundreds of millions. Justice Sam Alito had a tough time defending his 4th seed, but he managed to do it. It’s not obvious why voters chose the Alito candidate so much. Maybe it’s that human beings can’t be seized in the United States since the 13th Amendment — to which the current Supreme Court majority says, “Correction: they can’t be seized You can also read more about it here..”

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The Shoes

Since the first day of the bracket, we have received emails from readers asking “what about plane?” This should have prepared us for the results of the voting, where the Plane won by the largest margin of any pairing at the round one voting cut-off.It’s got to be the shoesSpike Lee, Mars Blackman, declared: “” It seems that it is the shoes, when it comes down to Donald Trump. The Shoes, despite not really being a shoe outside of an outrageously expensive pre-order that could have led to IP issues, managed to pull off the upset and land in the second round.

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Voting continues until Wednesday April 3, at 9 a.m.

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