Manchester City angry with Arsenal’s fouling and tactics in title match

MANCHESTER — It takes a lot to annoy Manuel Akanji but the composed Swiss giant was ticked off with Arsenal’s persistent fouling in their draw at Manchester City.

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Akanji echoed those in blue in the Etihad Stadium stands, who were infuriated by the lack cautions for Arsenal players, especially in the first-half, when they walked on a tightrope to get under City’s skin.

Akanji, the excellent player, was asked to speak to reporters about Arsenal’s fouls during the game. None of them resulted in a yellow card.

“Yeah, I don’t understand,” Akanji explained. “In the first-half was a very late tackle by Stefan [Ortega] I think that’s a yellow card. I don’t think it was against us alone, but some of the decisions were against them as well. I can’t understand what he meant by a foul. There are rules, and I believe there should be clear yellow cards. I remember an incident with Jorginho where he committed a tactical foul and then a second, but he didn’t give a yellow for either. I didn’t get some of the decisions, but we should have been able to score.”

Did Arsenal succeed in disrupting City’s flow of traffic?

“Yep. Definitely,” Akanji admitted. “They stopped us sometimes with fouls, and if it’s not accompanied by actions. It’s hard.”

Arsenal beat City in their own game

City has been called the masters of tactical fouls, which Fernandinho mastered over the years. Rodri has taken up the mantle of Fernandinho and is a genius in clogging midfield and giving small fouls that don’t result in a yellow card, but disrupt opponents.

Arsenal defeated Manchester City with tactical fouling. Arteta’s understanding of City’s tactics has helped the Gunners frustrate them this season. On Sunday, they only allowed City to have one shot at goal despite a 72 percent possession. In both games they shut City out as they won by a 1-0 margin at home and drew by a 0-0 margin away.

“Today we understand why there were no goal, because they played very defensely and we weren’t capable of scoring a single goal up front,” Akanji giggled.

This rivalry is growing and they are now competing for trophies.

Remember: if City defeats Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Champions League and Arsenal defeats Bayern Munich over the next few months, these two teams will also face off in the UEFA Champions League semi-final.

Gabriel Jesus, the former Man City forward, played a deeper role for Arsenal Sunday. He admitted that their extra-defensive tactic was worked on.

“Today, the forward players were required to assist a little more without the ball. Jesus explained: “You play against teams and clubs that make 100 passes, and can attack you. It’s hard.” “You sometimes have to defend and suffer deeply. We did well, everyone helped. B (Bukayo) and I were always helping our fullbacks. We did well. Sometimes it’s hard to get out with the ball and create something, but we did. We had some opportunities to win the game but that’s just part of football. Sometimes you score; sometimes you do not. But I think the most important thing is that sometimes, if you can’t win, you don’t lose.”

Jesus continued, “I try to do everything I can for my team.” “I don’t care where I play. I always do my best. Today I did it. I was playing as a winger today, which is not my usual position. I think today I helped my team by playing in this way. Then, also, when we were there [in attack]I created some opportunities. I could have done better, but football can be like this at times.”

What is next for City?

Akanji says that even though City are three points behind the leaders Liverpool and one point behind Arsenal with nine matches to go, they feel like they are in good shape heading into this final stretch. They aim for a treble.

“I am confident,” Akanji told Pro Soccer Talk. “We wanted to win today, but we didn’t get three points. It’s still all up for grabs. Nine games in Premier League, and we’re now facing Real Madrid for the quarterfinal next week. We can still win all of the competitions, and we hope we will.

Akanji was asked about the attacking players who have not found their rhythm. This has been a recurring theme this season against the top teams as City have failed in their six games to beat the current top five of the Premier League, scoring just five goals. They host the fourth-place Aston Villa team on Wednesday (3:15pm ET). Peacock Premium (Peacock Premium).

Is it only about their attacking players executing at the right moment in the final third of the field?

“I hope you’re right.” Akanji explained that it was not my decision to decide who would play in the front. “They all give their best and are trying to play in next game.” On Wednesday, we play Aston Villa. We’ll do our best to win.

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