Governor Hochul Updates New Yorkers On Safety Precautions After 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake


Governor Kathy Hochul updated New Yorkers today on safety precautions that were taken following yesterday’s earthquake of 4.8 magnitude and reminded them of the best practices for staying safe during a seismological event. The U.S. Geological Survey detected at least 25 tremors in Central New Jersey over the past 24 hour. Many of these were felt in New York City as well as across the region.

“My number one priority is keeping people safe. I’ve directed State personnel in all necessary precautions after yesterday’s historic earthquake,” Governor Hochul said. At this time, there are no reported injuries and only minimal damage caused by this earthquake. We will continue to monitor the situation and update New Yorkers as needed.”

New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services

The New York State Watch Center continues to monitor seismic activity in coordination and with the U.S. Geological Survey. State Emergency Management staff is in constant contact with local counterparts, and ready to assist with any possible needs.

New York State Department of Transportation

NYS Department of Transportation policy mandated that inspection teams be deployed to assess hundreds of critical bridges and infrastructure across the State following yesterday’s earthquake. NYSDOT is not aware of any immediate infrastructure damage, but will inform the public of any new developments.

Department of Public Service

Immediately after the earthquake, Department of Public Service staff contacted the major utilities in New York State — Con Edison, O&R, PSEG LI, Central Hudson, NYSEG, RG&E and National Grid — and there continues to be no reported issues and or trouble indicators because of the earthquake on the electric, natural gas or steam systems. DPS will continue to keep in direct contact with utility leaders and will report any issues that arise. Staff also contacted the operating nuclear power stations on Lake Ontario. They all reported that there were no problems or issues. The decommissioned Indian Point plant in Westchester County has confirmed that there are no issues at this point. On-site personnel have been patrolling and no concerns were found. No issues have also been reported in the telecommunications area.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), after the initial 4.8-magnitude quake, completed inspections in its service area. This included underwater subway tunnels and vehicular tunnels as well as commuter rail infrastructure. Following the significant evening quake, standard follow up inspections of infrastructure was conducted.

In addition, the frontline staff of the transportation network has been instructed to report all abnormalities. The MTA is continuing to closely monitor the situation and will follow protocols when seismic activity occurs.

New York Power Authority

The New York Power Authority conducted immediate inspections of its power generation assets as well as offices in the affected areas. No issues were detected. The earthquake had no impact on NYPA’s transmission assets.

Long Island Power Authority

Together with the Long Island Power Authority as its service provider, it completed inspections across Long Island, including the Rockaways. No damage has been reported from the earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks. Utility crews will continue to assess the damage through the weekend.

Port Authority of New York New Jersey

There were no operational or physical effects at Port Authority tunnels and bridges. However, engineering, maintenance, and PAPD crews have been performing additional inspections.

All Port Authority Airports immediately cleared and inspected their runways. Planes flying into JFK experienced minimal delay. Airplanes bound to JFK but not yet leaving their departure airports, were held for an hour at these airports from 10:21 am to 11:22 am. AirTrain JFK was not affected. LaGuardia and Stewart airports reported no delays or diverted flights.

The PATH service was unaffected. No impacts were reported at the Midtown Bus Terminal and the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal.

Earthquake Report

2024-04-06T04:18:26.965EST 1.9 4 km E of Califon in New Jersey
2024-04-06T04:09:18.260EST 1.7 6 km ESE from Califon, New Jersey
2024-04-06T03:11:18.616EST 1.7 4 km WNW of Bedminster in New Jersey
2024-04-06T01:07:47.436EST 1.7 5 km SW Gladstone in New Jersey
2024-04-05T20:51:18.307EST 1.5 5 km WSW Gladstone in New Jersey
2024-04-05T20:39:11.635EST 1.8 4 km west of Bedminster in New Jersey
2024-04-05T19:39:23.815EST 1.5 5 km NE Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
2024-04-05T19:10:49.196EST 1.9 3 km SW of Bedminster in New Jersey
2024-04-05T18:16:18.281EST 1.9 5 km WSW Bedminster, New Jersey
2024-04-05T17:59:13.778EST 3.8 7 km SW Gladstone, New Jersey
2024-04-05T16:21:07.157EST 1.9 3 km ENE Whitehouse Station in New Jersey
2024-04-05T16:13:47.904EST 2 6 km NE of Whitehouse Station in New Jersey
2024-04-05T14:40:20.185EST 1.8 6 km ESE from Califon, New Jersey
2024-04-05T13:32:13.627EST 2.2 4 km NE Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
2024-04-05T13:21:55.646EST 1.9 6 km E of Califon in New Jersey
2024-04-05T13:18:48.029EST 2 5 km SSW from Chester, New Jersey
2024-04-05T13:14:13.044EST 2 4 km S. Chester, New Jersey
2024-04-05T12:49:49.389EST 1.8 6 km NE of Whitehouse Station in New Jersey
2024-04-05T12:31:50.989EST 1.8 7 km W of Bedminster in New Jersey
2024-04-05T11:49:36.690EST 2 5 km SSE Long Valley, New Jersey
2024-04-05T11:37:10.448EST 1.8 6 km ESE from Califon, New Jersey
2024-04-05T11:33:15.007EST 1.9 4 km ESE from Califon, New Jersey
2024-04-05T11:27:56.419EST 1.9 6 km NE of Whitehouse Station in New Jersey
2024-04-05T11:20:20.203EST 2 6 km NE of Whitehouse Station in New Jersey
2024-04-05T10:23:20.309EST 4.8 2024 Whitehouse Station, New Jersey Earthquake


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