Celebrating Pi Day on the International Space Station

In this image from March 13, 2023, NASA astronaut and Expedition 68 Flight Engineer Stephen Bowen holds a small pie that is festively decorated in commemoration of Pi Day aboard the International Space Station.

March 14 marks the annual celebration of the mathematical constant pi, aka the Greek letter π. Its infinite number of digits is usually rounded to 3.14, hence the date of Pi Day. For some people, the occasion marks an annual excuse to eat pizza or pie (or both), but to truly honor this wondrously useful number, a serving of mathematics is in order, too. Continuing a decade-long tradition, the Education Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has cooked up a set of illustrated math problems involving real-life NASA science and engineering.

Learn more about the NASA Pi Day Challenge.

Image Credit: NASA/Warren Hoburg

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